Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Overpopulation is a twentieth century concern. What are the reasons for overpopulation and how can overpopulation be controlled?

For last few decades’ policy makers from the third world agreed with few points as global threat and overpopulation is one of the most important one without any doubt.

Among many reasons we can easily distinguish few and public awareness will be the top one. In our country general people don’t have enough knowledge what badly comes with making family large; taking more child decreased their life style and it becomes difficult to bear family expanses and taking care about everything pleasingly. Illiteracy comes after the previous one, illiterate people have lack of understanding that why they should keep their family smaller. Poverty is another reason and as poverty stands itself as a big one it has few side effects like illiteracy and early marriage which causing overpopulation. Since poor people cannot effort their family expanses unaccompanied, they need more working hands and that produce overpopulation. And also poor people want to change their fate and want security when they got older, so they want boy child and which significantly causing overpopulation. Superstition is another cause which makes people to think, birth control system is unfair and God will taking care of their child as God gives their child. Early marriage is a further one; when people get married earlier they have long time to take babies and as a result usually they have more child than others. Another reason is a bit more abstract, in our society we have an advantage that we need not to think about how to taking care of our child; usually we have senior members to look after them. Add to this as most of our families are joint-family, mothers have an advantage to become an earning member even with a very young child, because normally more family members are there who can watch over during working hours.

To prevent this problem I think first step should be to build public awareness; when our people will know the bad effects then they will start to think about this and it may decrease overpopulation. Our government should also take policies to influence our public to keep their family smaller; such as who keeps their family small may get some extra facilities like ration, free medical facility etc. In addition they can be awarded and that can stands as example which can makes people to think again before taking more children. Even government can also make law which prevents people to take more than one or two child. But behind all we need to make our people educated to teach them the real problem; and educated people must have this sense how many good thinks they will lost if they make their family larger.

But we should also think how this large population could help our nation besides thinking about the prevention policies. For example we can see in China; they have produce their over population into manpower and got tremendous success. In every sector they have the most productive manpower and which makes the world moving to China to build industries which makes china as one of the strongest country over the world.

So, we should try hard to prevent this problem and beside this we should work to use this population in productive way to build our economy strong.

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