Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Children are spending more time at their computers today than playing with their friends. What are the negative consequences of that.

One of the most significant and useful invention from last century is computer, which has huge upbeat impact on our daily life as well as few side effects are annihilating our next generation; the more important one is addiction of computer games specially to children.

It’s about not only playing with friends and shouting; there are lots of other things that the children from this generation are missing while they are choosing playing game with computer rather than friends. Play ground is second school for children; there are lots of thing that they learn from there. It helps to growing up child metal health; to learn about team work, to share skills, get habituation to win and acquire loses. Children have their own community and a big part of this build during playing with friend especially in play ground. Physical game always helps child to grow and strong their physical health. Few times indoor games may also make children blow and usually those are more interesting as well as more effective to build IQ, learn them take quick decision and let them improve their observation. And one more thing; getting habituation with virtual world makes them test and emotion less which makes others to suffer including their family.

To avert this problem the main part depends on guardian or who are responsible to taking care of children. They should have sense how paying with computer is demolishing their children’s’ health; both psychological and physical. They can bring their child to play grounds to play regularly. We should also be more conscious about making more playgrounds instead of destroying from the rest few. School can have the most significant role regarding this issue; they can design few courses that can create opportunity to play in school which is more secured place for child to play. We can also talk with our child to let them know the fact why they should choose playing with their friend but playing with computers.

In conclusion I want to say we are losing our green child and which is not for green house effect fairly less of our awareness. And we are offering a very feeling less and robotics generation for the next world.

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Mamun said...

I am agree about your comment on children and computer, if no addiction then from where dedication come. You have only find out here disadvantage of child and computer.